Whether you are a specialist on micromagnetics or not, you might need some guidance using our advanced simulation software GPMagnet. Usual tasks as specifying the material properties or understanding the whole solver parameters could be a bit complicated, despite the fact that the Graphical User Interface and the wizard simplify it hugely. Because of that, GoParallel offers a customized training service to its customers.

Training courses cover the following:

  • Management of simulation projects.
  • Specification of material properties.
  • Definition of external contributions (fields and currents).
  • Definition of shapes, point contacts...
  • Identification of solver parameters.
  • Post processing tools:
    • Plot results as curves.
    • View magnetization surfaces.
    • Export them as images and videos.

We highly recommend this quick-courses to guarantee that your employees will get the abilities to make the most of our simulation software.

If you are interested on attend to our customized training courses, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We can manage an appointment in our installations, in our charming city of Salamanca (Spain), or we can get around to you workplace. As you prefer!

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