Support and technical assistance

One of our added value and prestige is that we have the best professionals in the area of high performance computing and a continuously updated catalog.

What can offer you our technical department?

    • Consultancy and advice on the purchase of equipment or project.
    • Post-sale resolution of system incidents or equipment.
    • Immediate response by e-mail or telephone.
    • Channeling the replacement of defective or inadequate part, RMA / DOA.


Technical consultory
Perform technical inquiries to our support department, if you are owner of any GoParallel system, our after sales department can help you, in the warranty period, to improve the productivity of your equipments. Resolve doubts by filling out the attached form, indicating the serial number and detailing your inquiry as exactly as possible. Our technicians will reply to the form as soon as possible.

If you have a HW support service contract or special maintenance, do not use this route to resolve queries.

Make inquiry


Resolution of incidences
Fill forms RMA or DOA, to resolve incidences of components or equipment requiring the replacement of a piece or equipment. Notify through the form any incident that requires replacement, return or refund of any component, peripheral or equipment, provided that the technical department has been requested the processing. If you have not contacted technical support, do so before completing the form. The products outside the warranty period may require a Budget/Rating.

Request DOA/RMA

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