GUI Strengths - Simulation control

Once you have accomplished all the necessary steps required for the configuration of the simulation, you can start the simulation process by a simple click. The application displays a progress bar to guide the user about the percentage of simulation completed at the moment.

As soon as the first iteration of the simulation is accomplished, the Plot option menu becomes enabled and is possible to analyse the outputs obtained during simulation process in real-time.


One of the strengths of GPMagnet is also, in a certain way, a disadvantage: the usage of GPUs for speeding up the entire simulation process, forces have enough available free memory to accommodate the simulation on it. Otherwise, the problem will not be completely solved and will stop eventually. In order to workaround this small issue, a Memory requirements calculator helps user to adapt the settings until simulation fits into the memory available in the GPU.


Our developer team is working to make it possible to run one simulation on several GPUs at the same time. As a result, the simulation could exploit all the memory capacity provided by the GPUs available in the system. Meanwhile, the simulation settings must be adjusted to fit into the memory of only one device.





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