GUI Strengths - Post Processing

The simulation process generates the requested outputs and saves them in the output folder into the simulation folder. Some of these files are stored in text format, whereas others are in binary format for holding a high overall performance. In any case, the reading of these files does not allow an intuitive interpretation. For this reason, GPMagnet provides a powerful Post Processing Tool that allows to easily observe and handle with the obtained results.

First, all settings that were established for the simulation are displayed anew, so you can have a quick look and easily check under which conditions the outputs were generated. Then, you can analyse in detail the evolution of the sample over the time by using several plot types available under the Plots menu: 2D plot, 2D and 3D surface plots (explained later).

If you want to compare results from different simulations, just open another Post Processing tool by clicking on the suitable button from the Main Menu window. As many windows as desired can be opened. In case you want to analyse the outputs using a different software than GPMagnet, like Origin or other graphing software, there is a tool to export output files to a standard ASCII format.

A feature much appreciated by our customers is the ability to create videos from the graphs. Once a plot window is opened, click on "Record a video" and follow this three simple steps:

  1. Give a name for the video and a path to be saved.
  2. Select the output format desired. Several video codes are available: DivX, AVI, Flash Video...
  3. Set the time interval that must be taken into account.


And that's all. The video is ready for inclusion in your research papers and for sharing with your colleagues. Additionally, a useful snapshot utility is also available for taking pictures immediately from the graph.


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