GUI Strengths - 2D Surface Plots

Surface plots in 2D enable users to see the variations of magnetization through a correspondence between a colormap and the values of magnetization. A progress bar at the bottom of the window shows the current position within the whole simulated interval time. By using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons, the user can navigate through all the magnetization files saved during the simulation process.

The graph displays values belonging to the XY plane for one specific cell in the Z axis. Both cell in Z axis and layer inside the sample can be selected by the user, as  well as the component of magnetization. Remember that it is possible to open more than one plot of each type, so you can compare different layers, magnetization components... The application synchronizes all surface plots to always show the same instant of time.

File menu offers the options to export the current surface to a standard ASCII file, taking snapshots and to record a video by selecting the starting and ending time.

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