is a Software to performing Time-Domain Finite-Differences Simulations and allows to solve a great number of problems related to micromagnetism:

Main window of GPMagnet


• 3D Magnetic Particles

• 3D Tri-layers

• 3D Point Contacts: Finite Geometry

• 3D Microstripes: Finite Geometry

• 3D Multilayers: N-layer system

*In all cases, 1D, 2D and 3D simulations can be carried out.

Full details about solver principles are available here.

GPMagnet has an easy and very intuitive Graphic Interface that guides the user during the problem definition. Also, it has a Configuration Wizard that helps users in defining the material parameters, the sample shape and the interactions that users wish to account for.

On the other hand, GPMagnet has powerful real-time and Post Processing Tools that allow to analyse the obtained results in several domains (time, space, frequency).

GPMagnet is accelerated using the computing power of GPUs, so that leverages the power of parallel computing.


Currently, we present three type of licences:

  • Basic Licence
  • Advanced Licence
  • Expert Licence (under development)

Feature comparision chart:


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